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What is Targetize?​

The Targetize Sensor is a lightweight 9-axis motion device that attaches to the bottom rail of a handgun, tracking your muzzle movement as you shoot. It will particularly track muzzle movement during the trigger pull, providing corrective feedback regarding your stance, grip and trigger pull. The unit’s algorithm was developed with the use of bio-mechanics along with input from shooting instructors and ex-military/special forces.



In addition to providing shooting form tips, Targetize will continuously track the shots you take at every range session and provide scores for your stability, precision, and accuracy.

You can compare your scores to those of other shooters in the country.

Targetize is for everyone. From amateur to expert shooters, the sensor monitors a broad range of parameters and offers individualized coaching so you can improve no matter where your skill level lies. The drills and challenges incorporated into the app provide a new angle to your training time at the range and lets you achieve based on your skill level.

The Targetize app and sensor monitors every shot you make and analyzes your shooting trends. We use an advanced, dedicated algorithm, designed to learn user’s technique over time and make suggestions regarding shooting styles. Targetize is there to remind, and teach you about the little things regarding your stance, grip, trigger pull and muzzle movement.

What makes Targetize Unique and Different?

Targetize was developed and tested by shooting instructors and veterans from special forces. The knowledge, drills and tips incorporated into the system all come from real life scenarios and years of military shooting experience. Taking a Targetize to the range would be like having a personal virtual coach, helping you focus on the things that matter most to your technique.

Do I need to use a special target?

No, in fact it does not matter if you have a target up at all! The unit will focus on the movements you make, not the outcome. Any good instructor will analyze the shooter while he is taking the shot rather than analyzing the target looks after the shot. The sensor can analyze your technique and provide insight based on the muzzle movement during the shot.

The system measures your muzzle movement, acceleration, and orientation a thousand of times per second, to pinpoint the difference between your POA (Point of Aim) and where the muzzle was pointing as you made the shot

Highlight of system advantages:

1- Simple and easy to mount

  1. Fits most guns with a bottom rail (if the rail is compact, the Targetize mount can simply be flipped backwards)

2- Smart training – save on ammo costs, train more , learn more & track performance history over time

  1. Targetize allows dry practice and live fire practice with full analysis and corrective feedback. You can practice shooting at the convenience of your own home and still get effective feedback on your technique.
  2. There is a big advantage to shooting your gun in dry fire and developing natural instincts for using it while getting feedback on your actions. Perfect your technique before arriving to the range and using live ammo. Being able to practice both live and dry fire on the same guns and monitor the results for both modes, provides a much better comprehensive picture of a shooter’s abilities.

Targetize also tracks performance over time. History records are chronologically organized and include the number of bullets shot per session, a trace line representing the muzzle movement during a shot, performance scores for each bullet and a technique related suggestion

- Track your muzzle movement

  1. It is best practice to analyze a shooter while he is taking the shot rather than analyzing the “outcome”, meaning the target, after the shot was made. Essentially, that is exactly what Targetize does. The system measures muzzle movement, acceleration, and orientation, to pinpoint the difference between your POA (Point of Aim) before you started making the shot and by the time you were done pulling the trigger. The real power is in recognizing trends and habits and therefore, informing the shooter of the interferences within his technique which he did not realize he was making.

4- Diagnose habits and shooting trends

  1. For every shot taken, the system will show a trace of the muzzle movement and suggest a personalized tip (supported by a detailed explanation) describing alterations which could improve your next shot, or tell you how great it was. We made sure the system provides individual score for stability, precision, and accuracy, as well as a combined overall evaluation, allowing you to decide which aspect of your shooting to focus on. At the end of each session the system will present an overall comment which is the thing we recommend you focus on the most on your next session of shooting.

5. Expert training advice

  1. Targetize was developed and tested by special forces unit, shooting instructors and veterans. The knowledge, drills and tips incorporated into the system all come from real life scenarios and years of combat experience.

6- Challenges/ drills incorporated to the system

  1. The app offers different challenges, a speed and an accuracy challenge, all developed by shooting instructors. The speed and accuracy challenges provide a new angle to the shooter’s training time. It encourages better performance to unlock the different levels and achieve based on skill level.

7- A Targetize includes a sensor, a rail mount,

a charging cable, a hard-shell case, and the free App.